Pooled Income Fund

Pooled Investments Create Income Streams for Beneficiaries

Love for the Least | pooled income fund

Would you like to make a gift to Love for the Least that provides income but prefer an income that can fluctuate over time with the fund’s performance? In that case, you might want to consider Love for the Least’s pooled income fund. As in the case of a charitable gift annuity, participation in a pooled income fund can usually begin with a relatively modest amount.

Under the terms of the pooled income fund, a number of donors make contributions to a common trust fund over time. The assets in the fund are generally invested for a balanced return of income and growth over time. Each year a pro rata share of the earnings of the trust is returned to each participant. Contact us for more information about how the fund is invested and recent returns.

An immediate income tax charitable deduction is allowed for a portion of the value of the amount contributed to the pooled income fund. Capital gains tax that would be due on a sale of assets that have increased in value and are contributed to the pooled income fund may be entirely avoided. Assets used to fund your pooled income fund contribution can also be removed from your estate for state and/or federal tax purposes.

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